My story

I’m a single mother. There are days that title fills me with pride, because it means that I am making it on my own. There are times that title makes me ashamed, because I fear that I can’t give my son everything he needs. There are days I feel more single than mother, and days when I think that my son is the only man I need.

 I guess, I’m just a normal woman in the modern world.

I went to college for a few years. Met and married a guy I met there and then dropped out. I thought that he’d take care of everything. The man of my dreams.

The problem with dreams is that you eventually wake up.

My wake-up call came when I tested positive for an STD that he brought home to me. That’s when I took our baby and left. He was a terrible husband, but he’s even worse as a father. He never sees the kiddo unless he is about to take me back to court to try and lower the child support payments. And then he’s always screwing around with those to make me suffer.

The goal of this blog isn’t to dwell in the past. It is to find a way for myself, and other single Mom’s, to find financial and emotional freedom. To get to the point where we don’t need to count on the deadbeat ex to be able to give our kids the things they deserve.

I’m going to use this blog to talk about things of interest to single parents. Maybe we can all help each other.



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